Medical Billing

Advanced Billing Services (ABS) understand the value of clean claim submission to get the claims paid faster. We work as your extended office providing end-to-end Medical billing solution that helps you to reduce the overhead administrative expenses and increase your profitability. Our goal is to convert your service into cash reimbursements within the specified time limit.

Our processes are completely HIPAA compliant. The client softwares are connected remotely thru secured internet tunnel. The datas interchange are done thru secured password protected FTP.

The core billing personnel come from BPO background and are trained by our Managers to handle the billing requirements of Physicians. Our team has the experience of working in various practice management software’s  To name a few:

AdvanceMD, Eclinical works , Kareo, Lytec , Medical Manager, Medisoft, NextGen…..

Our major specialties include Internal Med, Pediatrics, Family Practice, Home visiting Physicians, Physical therapy, Chiropractic, Pulmonary Medicine, Radiology, Radiation therapy, Dermatology, Urgent care, Cardiology, Ambulatory surgical…..

The datas are handled on timely and accurately.