About Us

Advanced Billing Services (ABS) is a Practice Management and Revenue cycle Management company based in Michigan, USA. From the smaller physician to Larger Medical groups we have the resources and ability to meet the revenue collection targets regardless of the Specialty or location. Our artistic excellence guarantees that each deliverables are effectively targeted to the client’s desired patient base and optimized to direct appropriate guidance to their practice.

Advanced Billing Service provides Physicians with full-service Medical Billing, Practice Management support and Provider enrollment services.

Our team has more than 25 years of combined visibility, specialists and support personnel work together with our clients to build and manage the RCM.

Physicians want to believe that they are adequately paid for the value of services they deliver to patients and to the health care system but unfortunately in today’s world with all the health care changes they are NOT. Physicians desperately need primary care payment reform however in the meantime they have to make the best of the dysfunctional health care system in which they work for.

It is almost impossible to track and keep up with all the different health care coverages, payment policies, which payer covers which procedure “this year” and are you on the best payment structure that is available to you, as they change frequently decreasing rates and put in a bonus program now calling them “incentives.” As physician, you can’t keep up and still be able to provide outstanding quality care.

Physicians assume performing a certain office procedure, seeing nursing home patients, doing obstetrics or taking care of patients in the hospital and adding ancillary services to their practice is a revenue path but give up one of those services and you’re cutting off part of your revenue path which is difficult to reclaim.

Many physicians know that productivity and increasing gross revenue is the key to their success but there is another factor to that success. A factor that has been overlooked for many years and has been the obstacle for many physicians trying to reach their goal in maximizing their revenue which is carefully choosing a knowledgeable and advantageous Billing Professional.

As a Billing Professional for many years with employed billers and marketers that have worked for varies of health care plans, we are experienced, aware and up to date with the frequent changes, policies, proper coding, incentive bonuses and we make sure that you as a physician are being billed for services that you may think are not payable. Our billing professionals bill, consult and work with all of their clients along with the different health care plans to ensure no monies are left behind successfully. We help our physicians generate the maximum revenue with minimal effort and low cost.